Q: Can I order online?

A: Ordering finished Martech® products is handled entirely offline at this time. You may, however, order product samples and submit quote requests online.

Q: How does Martech ship to customers?

A: Standard shipping is UPS, unless otherwise requested.

Q: What are the lead times on orders?

A: Lead times may be different for each order, depending on complexity, customization & tooling needs, etc. Please submit a quote request to determine the lead time for your project. For online quote request instructions, click here.

Q: Does Martech send free samples?

A: Yes. To receive the samples you must provide a FedEx or UPS account number, or there will be a charge for shipping & handling. You may submit samples requests online by clicking here.

Q: Is there a minimum order amount?

A: Yes. Minimum quantities must total $500 per line item, per purchase order.

Q: What are the payment terms?

A: Normal payment terms are net 30 days. In order to set up an account with Martech®, customers are required to submit 3 credit references. For our ordering information & policies page, click here.

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