Tool Design & Fabrication  

The evolutionary nature of medical devices has clinical and engineering experts seeking innovative products, design changes and ongoing development. Each seeks to speed up surgical procedures, make them less invasive and better for their patient.

Understood to be the most time consuming and expensive process in product development, Martech® Medical's integrated tooling department can reduce tooling time and costs as much as 60%, when compared to competitors. As these same molds go through rendition changes, Martech® can make the necessary adjustments immediately, further saving costs and time, to help meet key deadlines and expectations.

Martech®'s tool design and fabrication department has a reputation for machining complex cavities and cores, while delivering superb accuracy and ultra-fine finishes. The finishes are so superior that the need for bench polishing on dies and molds can be virtually eliminated. Our ability to handle the most complex molds, while holding ultra tight tolerances, at a high level of accuracy and consistent repeatability, returns a greater saving of money and time to you.

Martech®'s ability to deliver the highest quality dies and molds, in a timely manner, allows us to be more responsive to your product development needs, delivering on our promise of an unyielding commitment to excellence.