With the advancement of new and revolutionary minimally invasive procedures, requirements for small-diameter or multi-lumen tubing have become more demanding and complex. Today’s medical devices require better, more sophisticated and more cost-effective components and extrusions to complete the products designed to improve and save lives.

At Martech® Medical, the extrusion department is the heart of our operation. Over the last 40 years, Martech® has grown from a specialty extrusion house to a worldwide recognized leader for medical grade extrusions. Our engineers utilize their tacit knowledge to turn the most complex extrusions with the lowest tolerances into routine, resulting in a simple and repeatable procedure that allows for robust manufacturing.

Martech® Medical prides itself on its ability to complete intricate profile extrusions (up to 8 inner lumens, with a taper or bump, a single extrusion or co-extrusion tubing) or single lumen tubing extrusions 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. With an ability to increase production levels to fulfill customers’ needs and an in-house Despatch Oven, Martech® can extrude and anneal a magnitude of tubing at one time, creating a quicker turnaround time for your product design.

At Martech®, our customer’s requirements are the precedence for our existence. In making a commitment to produce the highest quality extrusions for you, we strive to satisfy all aspects of your specifications. With our in-house tooling capabilities and ability to extrude a magnitude of tubing, in a short period, our extrusion division can save your group a significant amount of time and money.


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