Alongside of our extrusion division, Martech® Medical was formed as a specialty Molding house. After more than 40 years in operation, Martech® is recognized as a world leader in molded medical components and products, making the most complicated injection and insert molding simple.

The medical device industry requires highly complex molding ability, with tight tolerances, to ensure a properly functioning device. To provide the highest quality, Martech® utilizes an in-house tool shop to develop an array of novel processes and strategies. The implemented procedures result in high levels of precision during the injection process, improving part quality and shot-to-shot consistency. This type of molding requires a thorough understanding of how polymers react, to achieve the desired outcome. Combining this knowledge with Mold Flow Analysis and Benchmarking Techniques, Martech® Medical can systematically pin-point root causes of problems up front, saving considerable time and money.

Martech®’s molding of high-precision medical parts and complex assemblies, is performed in a class 100,000 (ISO Class 7) controlled environment allowing us to continually meet and exceed stringent quality and regulatory requirements. With Martech®’s extensive molding knowledge, advanced machinery, analysis tools, clean room environment and absolute commitment to quality, we have the ability to provide highly precise and consistent results.


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