Trocar Tunnelers


Part NumberDescription
PPO1240Hemo-Cath Trocar 6"
PPO118610F Hemocath Trocar With Spiral Thread
PPO12431/8" Needle Trocar With Threads
PPO1242.125" Diameter X 6" Blunt Tunneler
PPO1246Tunneler With Tri Ball Tip
PPO12411/8" Blunt Trocar With Tri Ball
PPO1881Trocar For 14F Ash Split Catheter
PPO1882H-Cath Tunneler (White Nylon-Zytel 101)
PPO1883Trocar Tunneler With 0.132" Barb
PPO1247Plastic Football Tunneler With Brass Insert-Venous-Blue Handle
PPO1248Plastic Football Tunneler With Brass Insert - Arterial - Red Handle