Research & Development


In the medical device industry, product innovation is the primary source for business growth. The furious and competitive race to bring these innovations to market can reap huge rewards to the winners, and potential losses to those who finish behind.

At Martech, we understand the greatest factor in developing new and innovative products is time. The Research & Development division at Martech can reference over 35 engineers to co-develop new products. Our engineers utilize cutting edge modeling and analysis systems and have a core competency and understanding of your product’s functional requirements, all to ensure an optimal design, the first time.

We have also actively engaged in developing our own Intellectual Property. Working with key clinical specialists and physicians, Martech has built an impressive patent portfolio of innovative products. These products can be incorporated into, or utilized with, your product design, saving time and money, while maintaining the highest quality.

Martech has thrived for over 40 years as a company that understands your development needs. We place a tremendous amount of effort into Research & Development and communicate those efforts with you. As a team, we can prevent and eliminate flaws, so we can bring your product, to market faster than your competition, at a lower cost, and with the highest quality in the industry.

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